The G.S. Haly Company - Tea Revives the World

“The leading U.S. importer of fine teas has long been acknowledged to be The G.S. Haly Co." - James Norwood Pratt, Author of New Tea Lover’s Treasury

Commitment to Quality

Our Quality Assurance & Process

Quality that you can depend on is one of the key tenets to our success. Our quality process is a culmination of decades of refinement. This allows us to provide you with superior guarantees of leaf grade, character distinctions, taste, mouth-feel, aroma, color, dry and infused leaf appearance, etc.  Because of the close partnering with our suppliers we can monitor new developments and give you more lead-time to take advantage of that information.

We precisely and carefully sample our teas repeatedly against control and variable conditions to accurately assess the overall value of a tea. To properly evaluate our teas, our tasters sample a myriad number of teas of all qualities and from all types of gardens and producers. Our quality assurance process entails testing our teas at every key point in the chain from to field to cup, so you can be confident that the tea you ordered is the tea you will get.

Our Commitment to Quality

    • Our tea tasters offer you highly trained palates, decades of knowledge and expertise and un-paralleled experience.

    • Our primary business focus is specialty and premium teas.

    • We seek special reserves and estate teas with limited quantities in addition to maintaining a premium standard offering.

    • We source teas from gardens on every continent.

    • Our standards and best practices for evaluating quality and grading specialty tea are consistent and guaranteed.

    • We closely work with our producers and gardens to ensure support for developing higher standards of quality and new offerings.