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Signature Herbal and Fruit Blends

The G.S. Haly Company is proud to introduce its newest offerings of Signature Herbal Blends, Fruit Blends and Flavored teas, conveniently packaged to maintain freshness and improve your inventory control.




Premium Fruit Blends:

Line # Name
S6021 Red Fruit Coctail
Z3082 Blue Eyes
S6024 Limonelle Fruit


Premium Herbal Blends:

Line # Name
S7017 Flower Dance
S7006 Vanilla Rooibos
S7013 Spicy Rooibos
S7038 Ginger Lemon


Classic Blends:

Line # Name
S5002 Moroccan Mint



Convenient packaging for optimal storage, freshness (each case contains 5 x 1 Kilo. bags)
Unique, wide spectrum of herbs, fruits, and flavors to compliment any tea lineup.
Consistent, high-quality ingredients used in all blends.
Scaled price structure to encourage trial and growth.



Bulk Fruit Blends and Herbals

Berry Patch Tea

Tisanes - Fruit teas, often referred to as tisanes, contain no tea. Fruit pieces, flower petals and flavoring are combined to create colorful infusions. Often the use of hibiscus will give the liquor a deep red color. Originally created for the children's market, fruit teas are experiencing an increase in acceptance among consumers of all ages. Fruit teas do not require refrigeration but cool, dry storage is highly recommended.

We can provide fruit teas in either a “Fine Cut” for use in tea bags or “Course Cut” for use like loose leaf tea.

Fruit Teas:

Line # Name
Y2003 Raspberry FC


Herbal Teas:

Line # Name
RB06 Rooibos
RB08 Organic Rooibos
R912204 Mandarin Rooibos