straining tea during a tea cupping session
tea workers and buyer happily discussing tea leaves in a field of tea plants

Commitment to Quality

G.S. Haly offers an extensive selection of premium origin-authentic teas. We’ve cultivated a deep understanding of traditional quality standards and work to ensure that these classic teas with centuries of history continue to be reliably available in a changing modern marketplace. To achieve this, our more than a century of experience in the global tea marketplace allows us to offer you:

  • Experienced palates with decades of knowledge and expertise.
  • Precise and consistent quality control practices, sampling our teas against control and variable conditions to accurately assess the objective value of each tea.
  • Careful monitoring of new developments at origin, and the ability to support higher quality standards and development of new offerings at the garden level.
  • Pricing that truly reflects the current global market value of any given tea.
  • Honesty and integrity—the cornerstones of our reputation and the basis of our longevity.
a hand holding a cluster of tea leaves still on the tea plant, for careful inspection

Commitment to Sourcing

As direct importers, we facilitate the trade of tea straight from the farms and gardens worldwide. The long-term relationships we share with our suppliers, some spanning generations, allow us preferential access to some of the finest tea standards available, as well as limited, seasonal, and special production teas.

We import teas from the regions of the world that have been producing tea for centuries: China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Taiwan. Because we work directly with these sources, we have access to highly detailed information and can offer a degree of transparency and traceability not available when intermediaries are involved.

We have full access to all quality and safety requirements for legal tea importation and sale in the United States, and can provide additional testing and certifications upon request. We inspect all our teas for additional, origin-specific points of concern, and can arrange customized testing profiles upon request.